Zvizzer Paint Ceramic Coat, 100ml

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ZviZZer Paint Ceramic Coat is the hardest hybrid silicon / polymer hard coating from ZviZZer and is designed to protect paint surfaces optimally and permanently, with moderate workload.

ZviZZer Paint Ceramic Coat offers 3 years or 30,000 km protection.

The molecular matrix structure forms a wafer-thin anti-adhesive layer that is strong and hard in its capacity.

The high-performance particles combine chemically with the surface and settle on the paint pores. They form after curing a high gloss protective layer. This very simple way of surface optimization protects the paint from damage such as oxidation, salt, acids and insects.

Due to the coating with ZviZZer Paint Ceramic Coat, the clear coat becomes harder and scratch-resistant (about 60-65%) than conventional paints thanks to the high-performance particles on the surface. In particular, the new environmentally friendly, water-soluble paints are very soft in their composition. Even if you only wash your vehicle by hand, after some time, corresponding signs of wear and tear develop. With ZviZZer Paint Ceramic Coat, these are minimized or even prevented.

ZviZZer Paint Ceramic Coat prevents corrosive and acidic products in the pH range of 3-12 from attacking the clearcoat.

ZviZZer Paint Ceramic Coat guarantees that painted surfaces retain their original appearance over time. The product is yellowing and abrasion resistant.

The product docks directly to the paint molecule, improves the surface in its dirt-repellent property and forms a wafer-thin anti-adhesion protective layer.

ZviZZer Paint Ceramic Coat deepens the shine and color of the surface extremely.

    What you need:
  • Paint Ceramic Coat, 100ml
  • Clean Top, 250ml
  • Applicator Block, 10 x 3 x 2cm
  • Applicator cloth, white, 12 x 10cm
  • Microfiber cloth, black